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Deck, Patio, Roof & Fence completed

It’s been a hot summer and did we ever take advantage of it, yesterday and today my father and I finally put a roof up on the side portion of the deck, which means… it’s finished!  There are a couple of small items here and there to do but I can pretty much say it’s complete.   We used a corrugated plastic roofing, which didn’t exactly come with any instructions, but we worked it out and (fingers crossed) it should provide some adequate shelter from the element for BBQing.   Our tenant Mark also took the opportunity to re-do his bike port at the back of the property and finished it off nicely with some boards to match our fence.  We’ve been using the deck now since the middle of June and I have to say it’s my favourite part of the house!

We definitely could not have gotten this done so well without a lot of help from my Dad, and lots of help from our friends and family!  Thanks guys!

Here are some photos:



Deck & Fence 90% done!

We got a lot more work done on the deck this week, on Wednesday I managed to book off work for the day and picked up enough lumber to build all the fences.  Wednesday afternoon we got to work building out some of the frames and got a few panels up, the fence design is very simple, double sided and staggered to hopefully add some breeze while maintaining a lot of privacy.  Last night we got the last of the panels up, unfortunately we still have 1 board per panel to put up since we didn’t get a chance to rip them.   Up next we’ve got to rip those boards, cut the posts down, put the roof to up over the side deck portion, get some siding for the covered stairs wall, put up some lights and buy some furniture.   The gravel + deck did wonders for the back area of the house, really improved (imo) the look and gave us about 180square feet of space to use!   Can’t wait for the first BBQ

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Deck weekend #2

This past weekend proved to be a very productive and wet one, with rain in the forecast we rounded up some of our friends who would typically be busy doing more awesome things and put them to work.  Saturday morning at 7am we had 11 tonnes of crushed stone delivered, which Brian shoveled the better part of until his dad and friends showed up a few hours later.  Once the help had arrived we set up tent, and finished off the ribbons, ledgers and framing.  By the end of Saturday we had the side deck finished, and some of the wood cut for the back part.   Sunday we managed to finish up the decking all together, over the next 2 weeks we’re hoping to get the fencing put up around the deck, and the roof up over the side portion.  Thanks to Dave, Tyler, Chris and Danny who helped out this weekend!

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Deck and Fence construction – Day 2

Well we got about as far along as I was expecting for the weekend.  We managed to get all the posts dug, and cemented in place that run the length of the driveway; which means we’ve got 2 posts left for the back portion of the fence.  It also means we got a chance to start framing in the deck at the side of the house, which I’m hoping we can have some boards down on sometime this week, maybe Wednesday after work.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by and helped again today.  Here are some photos and the layout / plan we came up with originally.

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Deck demolition and reconstruction

Part of our plans for this summer were to rebuild the deck at the side of the house and extend it into a small square back yard surrounded by a fence.  We regularly use the side door as our main entrance and have never had a roof there, so when it’s raining and you’ve got groceries, or BBQing to do, you get wet.  We’ve opted to put a roof over the side porch, and leave the back deck exposed.  Somehow we’ve also managed to keep our 3 parking spots and a shed at the back for our tenant.  Here are some before, demolition and construction photos.  Not much really to see yet.

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More demolitions, some renovations and some news

It’s been a long week, we’ve filled up the entire dumpster with plaster, drywall and wood. I can’t believe before we started I didn’t think we’d even need a dumpster, really happy we ended up with one, thanks Ken and Marianne! We picked out some granite on Wednesday from Emerald Tiles on Sheffield road, lucky for us Andy Paul who helped Rob out with his kitchen, was nice enough to give us a great deal on some granite too. Next week we have some contractors coming in to remove the wall between the kitchen and living room, my dad and I re-routed the piping in the kitchen into a column that we’ll be building, Jean is almost finished building a closet into the master bedroom, and we discovered hardwood!! under 4 layers of tiles & plywood in the kitchen. I also laid some new patio stones in the front since the walkway had completely deteriorated to dirt, and Rob and I raised the side deck about 8 inches so it’s no longer drooping. Here’s a few photos from the day:

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It’s official – we bought a new home!

I suppose this is a bit of an introduction post, for the past 3-4 weeks Ilona and I have been battling the banks, CMHC and the seller for this house.  It’s been a non stop barrage of document signing and faxing, but as of the 22nd of July, we can officially say that we’ve purchased a new home.  We had talked about purchasing a second property to live in, while converting our existing condo into an income property, however it was our agent Allan who convinced us to put all our eggs in one basket, and go for a duplex or triplex, which would be easier to manage since we would live on site.

We found this “gem” in downtown Ottawa, located on James street, just a couple of houses west of Bay Street.  The location is amazing, the house is quite large and already split up into a triplex, but like any old house it needs some work.  This blog will document both photographically and in text, the updates, renovations, and craziness that we’re sure to encounter while we go about fixing up the house.  Our short term goal is to re-do the first floor apartment, which we will live in, while maintaining our 2 tenants on the upper 2 floors.

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Below are some photos of the exterior, the property as well as the apartments on floor 1 and 2, unfortunately we don’t have any photos of the 3rd floor apartment.  Closing date isn’t until October 1st, so stay tuned for more posts.

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