Bedroom almost finished.. moving in tomorrow

I spent the day building a closet organizer today, putting in some baseboards, and installing one of the set of  blinds we purchased on Thursday from blinds to go.  Just have to put some closet doors on, and a finishing baseboard around the room and the bedroom should be finished.  We had the floors finished 2 weeks ago through out and they look fantastic.. the patches of new flooring don’t exactly blend in, but hopefully over time they start to mesh with the old.  The bathroom is also almost done, we just have to mount the shower and install 2 pot lights.  Our art studio/2nd bedroom is also finished (minus the baseboards), the living room still needs to be wallpapered and baseboarded, then there’s the kitchen.. not quite there yet.  We probably have 2 more weeks and 2 weekends of work to go on the kitchen before we’re ready to get the granite guys in.. now that I’ve put a timeline on it, it will probably be 4 weeks.  Either way we’re partly moving in tomorrow (bed, clothes, food, kitties, xbox) and commencing life in the new house..   Photos of the bedroom almost there but still empty:

  1. #1 by jean-v.paquette on January 26, 2011 - 7:13 pm

    Hi Brian,
    as a suggestion if you haven’t installed your closet doors yet is to put a pressure rod and some neat curtains instead of hard doors. As previously mentioned, the closet doors will have to be cut in order to fit properly because of the uneven floors ( would be a bitch to install). take my suggestion with a grain of salt as what the hell do I know about interior design.

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