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Deck and Fence construction – Day 2

Well we got about as far along as I was expecting for the weekend.  We managed to get all the posts dug, and cemented in place that run the length of the driveway; which means we’ve got 2 posts left for the back portion of the fence.  It also means we got a chance to start framing in the deck at the side of the house, which I’m hoping we can have some boards down on sometime this week, maybe Wednesday after work.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by and helped again today.  Here are some photos and the layout / plan we came up with originally.

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Deck demolition and reconstruction

Part of our plans for this summer were to rebuild the deck at the side of the house and extend it into a small square back yard surrounded by a fence.  We regularly use the side door as our main entrance and have never had a roof there, so when it’s raining and you’ve got groceries, or BBQing to do, you get wet.  We’ve opted to put a roof over the side porch, and leave the back deck exposed.  Somehow we’ve also managed to keep our 3 parking spots and a shed at the back for our tenant.  Here are some before, demolition and construction photos.  Not much really to see yet.

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Before & After Photos

It’s been a long time since we’ve done some updates, we’ve been living comfortable for over a year now since the major renovations took place.  In that time we’ve put the house on the market for 2 weeks showed it to 20+ potential buyers, decided not to sell, then put our apartment up for rent on Kijiji, showed it to several potential tenants then decided not to move, and finally decided to do some more renovations.  We’re sticking it out a while longer and have some smaller renovations to do this coming summer.  The next couple of weeks will involve building a small backyard, and new deck with roof for the back entrance (our main entrance), this will provide us a bit of outdoor space to relax in the summer.   Following those renovations we’re planning to finish up the kitchen (backsplash and pot rack).  Here are some before & after photos of our apartment, not everything is finished, but pretty close.  Thanks to everyone that helped us get to this!

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