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Kitchen counters!!

Finally! And we mean finally!  It’s been over 2 months since we moved in, for our first month, we lived with a bathroom, bedroom and I had my computer desk.  About a month ago, we started to clean all of the construction materials out of the living room, and got that set up with our new couch and TV.  We still have wallpaper to put up, a coffee table to purchase and some side tables etc, but that can wait.   But seriously, 2 months with no kitchen, I never thought I would say that I’m fully tired of eating at restaurants or take out for every meal.. but I actually am!

This past weekend my dad and I put the finishing touches on the support for the bar area, and got the plumbing ready for the washer dryer.  Speaking of which, while we were in Cuba in February my dad built us a nice custom cabinet around the washer dryer unit, it was a nice surprise to come home to!  We also picked up these shelves/wine racks from Ikea for under the bar, that helped make bridging the support a little easier, and provided a bit more storage.

Then this morning, the granite finally arrived, the guys worked their magic and got each piece in it’s spot, and was it ever snug!  They now measure granite with a point and shoot calibrated camera, and a series of “targets” that have bardcodes on them that they place all over your kitchen.  They shoot all the photos, upload them to a rendering engine, and build a 3d model of your kitchen on a computer, and cut the granite based on that.   I was a little skeptical at first, especially considering he didn’t even have a tape measurer with him, but the fit is so perfect it’s basically magic.  Emerald Tile in Ottawa are the company responsible for doing our granite, they gave us a great price and amazing service, everyone we worked with there was so friendly and professional, highly recommended!  If you’re looking for granite/tiles etc, their showroom on Sheffield road is very impressive.

Anyways that’s enough of a ramble, we’ve still got a ways to go with the baseboards, furniture, installing the taps, and a back splash, but here are some photos of where we’re at right now: