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Washer Dryer combo for a small place

Ilona suggested and came up with a really clever idea for saving space in our new place, a combined washer/dryer unit, and to be honest I’d never even heard of one, let alone thought about one.  Our initial thoughts involved a stackable washer/dryer in the corner of the kitchen in a closet.  A traditional stacked unit would involve some new plumbing, a 220V panel, new venting to the exterior of the house, and a closet to contain the unit.

After a bit more investigation, we found out that some of the combo units like the LG WM3988HWA are the perfect size to fit inside a kitchen cabinet, require a regular 110V electrical connection, and use a drain instead of exhaust to expel the moisture.  They’re a little bit pricey ($2400 home depot), however the cost savings of having an energy efficient unit, which requires no additional contractors to install would be fantastic.   They also look pretty good, and hiding it in the kitchen under a cabinet is an added bonus.